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Episode 221: Got Your Clearance Right Here

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"Spelljammers are pure fantasy," said the talking owl to the floating eyeball monster. I did elect to leave the whole Spelljammer mythos out of my own Planescape canon, mostly because it's so scientifically, well, wrong. Though it is an interesting campaign setting. If you don't feel like following that wikipedia link, it's basically a fantasy D&D setting wherein medieval people can travel between planets on wooden sailing ships, that conveniently hold onto bubbles of air with "gravity," the planet somehow having a weaker hold on the air than the little masted ship. (I put gravity in quotation marks, because actual gravity doesn't really work like that.) Also, each solar system is encased in a "crystal sphere." I think the whole thing is based on Ptolemy's inaccurate rendering of the cosmos. Granted, a lot of the craziness is handwaved with MAGIC! but I prefer to explain in great, plausible detail how magic works, too. Anyhoo...

So many subplots... I'd started this as a Milny/Torin/Elera episode, but then changed my mind. That sort of thing throws my episode plans into an even greater tizzy than previously. (Not good for updating speed.) Anyway... requisite apologies for the long wait, etc.

Planescape Survival Guide, a Planescape webcomic! Copyright 2005-2014 by Travers Jordan

This comic parodies aspects of TSR/Wizard's of the Coasts Planescape AD&D campaign setting under the Fair Use clause of U.S. copyright law. All images are the creation of the author except where otherwise credited.